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Fam Negar Mehr Co.

Fam Negar Mehr Company has taken a new step in providing quality products in line with international standards by obtaining exclusive representation from Fiberli Turkey, whose products have valid European standards, in order to create a strong communication bridge with Europe and Iran in terms of design and lighting and raising the visual quality of the city.

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Famnegar Mehr company has achieved remarkable successes and achievements since its establishment, which shows the company’s desire for excellence and dynamism in the implementation of various activities and the creation of various values.

Today, the competition to make better and higher quality products and services is increasing day by day, in this regard, Famnegar Mehr Company has achieved significant success in the field of designing and implementing various lighting projects in the country by employing university graduates and elites and establishing relationships with scientific centers and cooperating with Fibrelli International Company of Turkey.

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